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Welcome to Aelia Studios! Aelia Studios is your home of all things involving game development and the gaming industry. Whether it is information on the latest development software, tips and tricks, or platforms and engines that you are looking for, or it is something more along the lines of who in the industry is currently considered a leader in the field, you will find the information that you are looking for here.You will also find information related to popular design techniques and strategies as well as the tools that the best in the business employ to make their magic. As if that information was not enough, we will also be discussing the relevance of the recent historical development of current technologies to show just how much things have changed in recent years.The development of both software and the techniques to make that software do what it does best seem to be growing at an exponential rate which is truly incredible, and we are happy to share our research and findings with our faithful readers.One of the most interesting things that we think you will find here on our site are the articles on today’s biggest and best, award-winning games. These games really take things to the next level and the most interesting thing about them is that without the artistic innovation on the part of the design teams who built them, they would never have seen the light of day. Technology is one thing, and the software that is made possible is another, but the driving force behind every major accomplishment in the gaming industry is the innovation of the designers themselves. This site is, in part, dedicated to them and their achievements, because without their work we would never know what the available technologies could do for us.