Who is the Best?

Looking to freely enjoy yourself and safely play online? 888poker, formerly known as Pacific Poker, and one of the world’s major financially secure companies, is for you. It is also known for its selection of different varieties online. 888poker has enjoyed continuous customer growth to become the second largest one in the world. It’s a clear UK favourite, and we think it could qualify as England’s best poker room online. This online room offers the chance of finding great competitors and very aggressive play, you’re sure to be able to find your next big challenge among highly-skilled, high-profile players in the world of gambling that you are sure to enjoy. The other benefits to enjoy are the on-going events, tournaments and promotions made available. The 888 online room allows one to have a great experience through the download client (upon which the room relies) being made available for various systems. This download client supplies graphics that are of the best quality available, and various options for how to play and keep a record. Find unbelievable and really cool-looking 3D table visuals; get cool select-functions in finding the best games; set up private games; get the option of playing multiple tables at one go while being able to switch between them. All these available options represent features made possible by the room’s user interface, which gives the opportunity for a very good experience. Another special highlight is the ever-visible cashier. Along with the cool graphics, the vast majority of players and the various tournaments available here, there is also the promise of a safe environment. It is licensed and monitored by the appropriate regulatory bodies, giving players security. With security comes a comprehensive and fully researched FAQ database (customer service), for both new and seasoned players who have problems to be solved.