The Limits of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is incredibly popular in this day and age. So it’s no wonder that game developers are often creating mobile-only versions of their games, rather than focussing on versions suitable for console or web play. But is that a limiting factor they should be concerned about? Possibly, yet there are several factors to take into account, like player trends, financial implications of expanding to another format, and how the game is best enjoyed.

What alternative is there?

To allow developers the opportunity to improve their reach with their mobile-specific games, Pley is looking to aid them in transferring the game to a web-play version. This has the benefit of increasing playing time while removing the need for players to download and install the game on their phone, which takes up valuable phone memory space. Plus, there is no need for the game developer to learn web development to get their game onto the web. So it’s a win-win solution for both players and developers alike.

So are all mobile games available as web-based versions?

Accessibility of the game is essentially down to the developer and how and where they intended the game to be played. So don’t be surprised if some of your favourite mobile games aren’t available in another format, and vice versa.