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The Limits of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is incredibly popular in this day and age. So it’s no wonder that game developers are often creating mobile-only versions of their games, rather than focussing on versions suitable for console or web play. But is that a limiting factor they should be concerned about? Possibly, yet there are several factors to take into account, like player trends, financial implications of expanding to another format, and how the game is best enjoyed.

What alternative is there?

To allow developers the opportunity to improve their reach with their mobile-specific games, Pley is looking to aid them in transferring the game to a web-play version. This has the benefit of increasing playing time while removing the need for players to download and install the game on their phone, which takes up valuable phone memory space. Plus, there is no need for the game developer to learn web development to get their game onto the web. So it’s a win-win solution for both players and developers alike.

So are all mobile games available as web-based versions?

Accessibility of the game is essentially down to the developer and how and where they intended the game to be played. So don’t be surprised if some of your favourite mobile games aren’t available in another format, and vice versa.

How to Improve Your Skills to Become an Amazing Ice-Hockey Manager

Self-improvement is always welcome whether your just passionate about ice-hockey or want to move-up your team in the championship rankings.

What Should You Do?

Various online resources offer books, case studies and professional advice on different successful tactics which you can use when you’re planning out your team’s approach to each match. However, viewing the outcomes of each strategy will help you make the right choices. You can’t go wrong with playing ManagerZone which offers a 3D simulation of real matches. You’ll be coordinating your team’s moves by planning out your strategies before each match. Just like in real life, you’ll be controlling the finances of your team’s club, buying and selling players and aiming to rank up your team in the divisions. As a manager you’ll receive a standard ice-hockey team with players having different skills.

Their success depends on what you do to improve their capabilities. Two weekly matches are played in the leagues, but you can play any number of matches against your friends. To guarantee that your players accurately execute your instructions on ice, you should study and review each match separately and identify your team’s strengths and weak points. You’ll then know what improvements to make so that your team won’t risk losing the next match. ManagerZone allows you to create all types of marketing products for your team’s brand. You can also set up home-base resorts including hotels and shops.

It’s a multiplayer environment which gives you the opportunity to communicate with other managers and either learn from them or challenge them. When your team has reached a top position in the federation ranking you have a better chance of getting noticed. Vote for your federation’s national coach or apply for the position yourself. Just be sure you’re ready. If you want to become an outstanding ice-hockey manager and move your career forward to the major championships, download ManagerZone Ice-Hockey onto your desktop computer or laptop and start playing. You’re just a few clicks away from becoming invincible!

Poker strategies for successful game playing.

Years of practice is the key to success in the game of poker. However, it is also a game of mental and mathematical strategies, and when applied correctly these strategies can achieve monumental results. The very first and most important strategy for poker is to master the starting hand selection and to know which position around the table is the strongest position, which allows for a weaker hand to be played successfully. For example, the starting hand should be the strongest hand, however, when in the last position which is the strongest position, it is quite possible that a weaker hand could be played with success. The last position is known as the strongest position because, as this player is the last player, he knows everybody else’s hand, which is clearly a huge advantage to how he then plays his own hand. Players who make small improvements will be the players who reap the winnings, so patience is definitely something that needs to be improved upon and some knowledge of mathematical probability will help to determine the likelihood of a winning hand. These days there are all sorts of helpful tools available in online casinos to help you improve your poker game. There are many other different strategic approaches to playing poker, and it is interesting to note that much of the time this generally depends upon the natural personality of the player. A tight approach is used by a player who plays his hand cautiously, and so is likely to be used by someone who has a naturally cautious personality. A loose approach and an aggressive approach are strategies that force other players to make moves that they are not comfortable with, and are used by a player who is not afraid to gamble, and therefore may be played by someone who is slightly more outgoing and who in general takes more risks in life.

How to get ahead in poker tournaments

Poker is an incredibly popular game in many different countries. People play it with their friends, online or at casinos. The big hitters can win millions! But how do you get ahead in poker tournaments? Well it’s a long process, and you need to take little steps to get there. What little steps do you need to take? Read on for the brief guide on how to get started in poker tournaments. If you want to play online, you need a stable internet connection to get started. To begin with, it’s a good idea to read up about poker as much as you can. This can be through reading books or e-books, and watching YouTube videos. This way, you will know more information about the game, and what cards you should and shouldn’t play. It’s then a good idea to sign up with an online poker company. There is a multitude of poker sites out there, so take your time and see which sites offer good bonuses. Of course, you might not want to play online. You might prefer playing at the casino or with your friends. Whatever environment you choose to play in, begin with a single table. It’s best to keep it simple whilst you are still learning the tricks of the trade. Playing on more than one table to begin with is not advised – if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can quickly lose lots of money. Additionally, buying poker software can be a help when you’re starting out. This software can help you to keep an eye on things when you’re playing – like tracking other people’s moves. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it can certainly help whilst you’re getting your bearings. If you follow these moves, you’ll be well on your way to being able to compete successfully in your first tournament. Good luck!

Different Types Of Sports Betting

Sports betting has been a popular pastime for decades, but with the ever increasing usage of the internet in how people place their sports bets there are more and more things you can place a bet on. Football is the most popular sport in the world, and unsurprisingly, is also the most popular sport to place a bet on. There are the obvious things you can bet on a football match, such as a team to win, or a draw. There is a lot more to bet on as well these days, however. You could, for example, place a handicap bet. This would be where if you bet on a team with handicap -1, you would need the team to win by two goals to win the bet. This would be higher odds than if you bet on the team to win straight. You can bet on virtually any sport, but another immensely popular sport to bet on is horse racing. The most obvious bet to place is on a horse to win the race, but an each way bet is also popular. This minimises the risk because it involves two bets – one on the horse to win, and another on the horse to place. A horse places normally if it comes in the top 3 horses in the race, but it depends on how many horses run. So, if a horse finishes second, for example, you will win the each way part of the bet. The each way bet normally pays out at 1/4 or 1/5 of the odds you would get for the horse winning the race. Understanding odds is obviously very important when placing a bet. There are two main odds formats to understand. The first is decimal. That means if you bet on a team at odds of 2.00, you will win double your stake. The other odds format is fractional. Odds of 2.00 would be 1/1. The decimal can be converted to a fractional odds by working out the equation and adding 1 (i.e. 1/1=1, +1 =2). There are ways you can bet as well, such as matched and arbitrage betting, which can lock you into a profit.

Who is the Best?

Looking to freely enjoy yourself and safely play online? 888poker, formerly known as Pacific Poker, and one of the world’s major financially secure companies, is for you. It is also known for its selection of different varieties online. 888poker has enjoyed continuous customer growth to become the second largest one in the world. It’s a clear UK favourite, and we think it could qualify as England’s best poker room online. This online room offers the chance of finding great competitors and very aggressive play, you’re sure to be able to find your next big challenge among highly-skilled, high-profile players in the world of gambling that you are sure to enjoy. The other benefits to enjoy are the on-going events, tournaments and promotions made available. The 888 online room allows one to have a great experience through the download client (upon which the room relies) being made available for various systems. This download client supplies graphics that are of the best quality available, and various options for how to play and keep a record. Find unbelievable and really cool-looking 3D table visuals; get cool select-functions in finding the best games; set up private games; get the option of playing multiple tables at one go while being able to switch between them. All these available options represent features made possible by the room’s user interface, which gives the opportunity for a very good experience. Another special highlight is the ever-visible cashier. Along with the cool graphics, the vast majority of players and the various tournaments available here, there is also the promise of a safe environment. It is licensed and monitored by the appropriate regulatory bodies, giving players security. With security comes a comprehensive and fully researched FAQ database (customer service), for both new and seasoned players who have problems to be solved.

The Importance of Bankroll Management in Gambling and Betting

It could be card games like poker you like a flutter on, or roulette, or sports betting. In any form of gambling or betting, it’s very important to implement and maintain bankroll management. By doing this, you can keep track of your profits and losses and keep playing in the long-term. Here are some important things to remember so you can keep your bankroll management up to date. The first thing to remember is only bet what you can lose. Agree on an amount before you start and stick to it, no matter what. It can be easy to get frustrated when you lose when playing, but it should all be fun, after all. If the fun stops, then you should stop. Never start chasing your losses because this will probably end badly, and cause potentially a lot of stress. Of course, you only know how much you’ve lost (or won) if you keep a profit and loss tracker, which is why it is vital to do this as part of bankroll management. There are many websites out there these days which offer downloadable profit and loss trackers, often using Microsoft Excel spread sheets. All you will need to do is enter the amount you’ve won and lost and the rest is all done for you. It can be segmented into months, and breaking it down by months can give you a good picture of how much money you’re gaining and losing. Another thing to take into account is how much of your bankroll you’re betting every time. It is recommended to bet no more than 5% of your bankroll on every bet, so if or when you go through a bad patch, you will be able to see it out until you get winning again.

From Zero to Hero – Poker Strategies

Everyone likes to play a bit of relaxed poker with friends, but some wish to go above and beyond. If you are a budding poker player, angling for a spot in a tournament and some big wins, then here are some important tips for you whilst you make that journey.

Learning the basics is, of course, a must. You should know all the different possible hands like, well, the back of your hand! Once you have mastered which hands are highest, it is then time to move forward and develop discipline and strategies in your game.

First though, we should break a few of those preconceptions. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a good idea to bluff all the time. Professional players only bluff on occasion and to do otherwise simply flags you as a newcomer. Being flagged as a newcomer is highly detrimental to your game, as the more experienced players will just use that to their advantage. Similarly, it is not advisable to play every hand just to stay in the game. Learn discipline and control; know when a starting hand is a poor one and fold. You will be able to stay in the game longer and this also gives you added time to observe other players and the table itself.

Focus is key, and to do this effectively you should not play in an emotional frame of mind. Do not play when angry, sad or drunk. This is particularly important if you are playing in a tournament as the games can go on for long periods of time. In conjunction with this, players should be mindful of their bankroll, only playing within their means.

Tournaments as a whole can be good learning grounds, simply because there are a lot of players. Observation of others is an excellent way to learn and will help player focus as well.

Game Development Platforms/Engines

If you are considering trying your hand at game development or you have been at it for a while but don’t really like the current software that you are using, today is your lucky day. We are going to discuss, in brief, some of the best game development engines available that you can get started on right away. Many of them vary quite a lot in complexity and ease of use, and some charge a fee whilst others are free. One thing that they all have in common, however, is that they have been used to create AAA titles that have helped the developers earn plenty of money.

Real Engine 4

The first game development engine that we would like to discuss is Real Engine 4. This engine has been around for a while now and the number of resources that have been developed for it is astounding. Using this engine you would never have to do any of your own coding because all the elements that you could possibly ever want already exist! Another reason to choose this engine is that to use it in its entirety is completely free while you experiment and learn. The catch is that you pay a royalty when and if your game goes into production, but the fee is quite fair.


CryEngine is another one that deserves plenty of attention. The company is now on version V and has long been at the forefront of the industry. CryEngine is a tool that we have used ourselves and we can attest to the user-friendly interface. Like Real Engine, CryEngine also has more resources that have been created for it than you could ever want. Not only would you never have to code to get the perfect game going for yourself, but there are no royalties to pay, making this a perfect platform for you if you are expecting to make any considerable amount of money from a project.


Unity3D is probably one of our favourites as it makes game development possible for pretty much any type of device you can imagine. This is one engine that almost every developer in the industry would be familiar with on some level, and that is largely due to the fact that there is a fully functional free version that makes learning the ropes a little easier.

How to Design a Game (In a Nutshell)

When it comes to designing games, it is a lot more complicated than a lot of people think. The interesting thing about that, though, is that game development is difficult for very different reasons than most people consider. Creating the character that runs around in the 3D world might be hard, and making it rain in the level that you have your character running through might present its fair share of challenges. However, what is really difficult about the entire process, and this is something that can make or break a game, is the story behind the game. The story and the playability, of course, are the two most important things that you should be thinking about before anything else.

The Story

The first thing that you should do is write a story. Think for a moment that you are an author of whatever type of game you are trying to create, and to write your best-selling book you need to come up with great characters, a good setting, believable problems and solutions (i.e. the plot), and a theme and style that draws the reader in.Writers struggle with these questions almost constantly because getting readers involved with the story is the only way to get them to stick with the story. The same goes for games as well. We have all played games that were visually impressive but still ended up being incredibly boring because the story just wasn’t right. To avoid failure before you begin, therefore, it is imperative that you know what kind of game you are trying to create and what kind of story you are trying to tell.

The Levels

The next step is to break your story up into chapters which are solvable. These will be your levels later on, so it is a good idea to make them evenly spaced and progressively harder. Not impossible, mind you, but a little harder with each new tier.Once you have the story worked out as well as the progression that the players will take through your game, you are more than 70% done with the process. There are many game engines and other services available for free and some for a fee that takes care of all the actual coding for you, so all you are left with is a puzzle that needs to be put together.

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